About Us

A 1975 graduate of the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, James Vanderheyden finished his graduate training also at UIUC earning a Master of Architecture Degree in 1977. Graduating with Honors, James also distinguished himself in the discipline of Urban Design and Planning by receiving one of eight awards given in the 1976 William Van Allen Architect Memorial Award, an International Design Competition open to Schools of Architecture at Universities throughout the world. Jim completed his internship in the Chicago firm of Shaw & Associates and passed the Illinois State Licensing Exam in 1981.

In 1982, Jim founded his own company and named it Architectural Dynamics playing on the idea that Architectural Design is “ever changing” and “always in motion”. Since then his body of work includes both Residential and Commercial Projects. Working out of his house, Jim’s largest body of work has been in Residential Addition & Renovation Work in Oak Park and River Forest including his own house on Wesley Avenue in Oak Park. A 28 year resident of Oak Park, Jim has completed over 200 projects in Oak Park and River Forest alone. Combined with projects all over the Chicago Metropolitan Area and as far away as the Florida Keys and Cameron in West Africa, Jim has completed over 400 projects worldwide.

Moving to Batavia, Illinois in 2005, Jim continues to provide the highest level of Quality in Architectural Design & Planning and highest level of Professional Integrity to clients throughout the entire Chicago Metropolitan Area. Jim’s projects have received awards from the Oak Park Historic Preservation Commission. Several have been featured in the Parenthesis of Oak Park & River Forest “Kitchen Walks”. And an Oak Park Addition-Renovation project was featured in a 2010 publication of “Kitchen Trend” magazine.

Design Philosophy

I believe there is a bit of Architect in us all! I think it is human nature to have a desire to create and a desire to design. My approach to the business of Architecture has always been to guide my clients step by step through the “PROCESS” of Architectural Design. I try to challenge them to think about things they might never have thought about themselves. And to see things they might never have looked for on their own. I believe that good Architecture inspires us – to achieve – and to excel. By sharing this experience my clients rejoice in a product that is uniquely their own and, together, we share a journey that binds us forever.