The PROCESS of architectural design and planning is a journey. "Let me walk that path with you."
- James M. Vanderheyden

“Having lived in our house for over ten years and having thought and dreamed about an addition or renovation the entire time, we had very specific ideas about what we wanted. Through a series of meetings with us, Jim Vanderheyden was able to take our concepts and desires and translate them into a design that works well for our family, is respectful of the original home and fits well with the character of our neighborhood. We can’t tell you how many people have commented that it is impossible to tell that we have an addition, because it fits so beautifully with our original home! We are proud of the work that was done and happy to recommend Jim Vanderheyden to anyone looking for Architectural Design work.”

Cliff & Joan B.

Oak Park, 2008 —Two Story Addition

“Jim Vanderheyden possesses a unique combination of design talent and real world common sense. He is both a homeowner’s and builder’s ideal architect. He understands and coordinates all viewpoints into a beautiful and affordable final product. It is impossible to tell where our 100 year old house ends and the new space begins. Jim Vanderheyden’s design blended the two seamlessly.”

Steve & Joan H.

Park Ridge, 1995—Two Story Addition

“We could not have employed a more capable, creative and helpful architect and construction manager. We are thrilled with the end result!”

Bob & Karen B.

Oak Park, 1994 — Two Story Addition

“When choosing an architect for any remodeling project, it is important to find someone who has vision, talent, great listening skills, and most importantly, patience. My husband and I found that Jim Vanderheyden has all these exceptional qualities. With all the changes we’ve made and the obstacles we’ve encountered with the City of Chicago, Jim has been nothing but superior. We’re glad we’ve had the opportunity to work with such talent.”

Rick & Julie B.

Chicago, 2009 — One Story Addition and Renovation

“We wanted an addition that “felt” like it belonged to the rest of the home. We selected Jim Vanderheyden as the Architect because he had accomplished that with several additions he had done for our neighbors. We are delighted with the result! Everybody who has been over to see the house has been amazed at how “seamless” the transitions are from old to new. It is just what we had hoped for!”

Michael & Danielle R.

River Forest, Illinois, 2010— Two Story Addition and Renovation

“We depended on Jim Vanderheyden to guide us through our first big project in our house. His abilities in design, budget development and construction management made everything go smoothly. The construction schedule was so well planned that we were able to adjust mid-stream and add central air conditioning at a very economical cost with minimal impact to the project time line. We are really enjoying the results of his creative design for our Master Bedroom/Bath, which give modern features while staying true to the style of our 100 year old home. We have the utmost confidence and trust in him as an architect and as a contractor. We plan to use Jim again for our next project and have highly recommended Jim Vanderheyden to others.”

Dave L. & Beth B.

Oak Park, 1994—Master Bedroom and Master Bath

“We have repeatedly commented that we were fortunate in finding Jim Vanderheyden to do the architectural design for our addition. Upon our first meeting, we gave him our ideas and Jim designed the addition far beyond our simple expectations. Jim Vanderheyden is truly a credit to his profession, acting and responding promptly and providing us and the contractor with accurate and complete plans. He has a talent for providing us with an addition that has exceeded our expectations!”

John & Marianne S.

Park Ridge, 1995—One Story Addition & Renovation

“We are very pleased with the way the old part of the house blended with the new. No one knows where it starts or stops. People stop all the time to admire and we have even had a few people knock on the door to ask questions.”

Mike & Dale C.

Park Ridge, 1994—Two Story Addition & Renovation